Half Penny Bridge

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Half Penny Bridge - Newtown

Art installation/Performance

Celf-Able did a performance art installation on the Halfpenny Bridge in Newtown on Thursday May 31st 2018.  The artwork is part of Newtown Town Council’s Blue Plaque project, celebrating historic structures in Newtown.

The Halfpenny Bridge used to be a toll bridge, and the last tollkeeper was called Tommy King, so we made a model Tommy and sat him on the bridge with his tollbooth, and Chair of Celf-Able Sue Patch rolled a giant halfpenny piece across the bridge to pay the toll. We also made large halfpenny pieces to celebrate historic moments of the bridge, such as occasions when it was swept away by floods.

We were pleased to speak with local residents who remembered their parents or grandparents talking about the toll, it is a part of Newtown’s history that is still in living memory.

After the performance the installation went on display in the gallery landing area of Glanhafren Market Hall in Newtown.

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