At Celf-Able meetings we often discuss ideas for projects.

Projects may come from inspirations from members' work or perhaps community initiatives that members are interested in exploring.  We support members to develop and obtain funding for members' ideas as well as devising projects that brings together members from all of our locations.

You will find some of our more recent projects in this menu.  Follow us on facebook or sign up to our blog for updates on our project work.


Here are a few highlights from our most recent projects.  If you would like to know more about how Celf-Able can collaborate with you on your project please get in touch.

See Me

‘See Me’ is about how disabled people are whole people just like everybody else, we are more than our impairments. We all fulfil different roles like any other human being, we have skills and abilities, and are not as represented in the media negatively as either fakers and scroungers or as burdens on society. The group have responded to these ideas in different ways.

The Bird Company

We all have different barriers to different aspects of our life.These are our barriers. 

The Bird Company performance wanted to highlight this and how Celf-Able has helped us

We are open to new members, with any type of impairment

or none, just get in touch for details:  Tel: 01938 810058

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