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Celf-Able and the Big Walk


Well we're not great walkers here at Celf-Able due to our many physical challenges, but, what a lovely honour to be asked to meet up with Jude and Les as they passed through Newtown on the Welsh leg of the Eden Projects Big Walk.


We were so pleased that they and their team could join us at Siawns Teg for lunch and join in our art project in honour of them whilst chatting about what we do and how it is so important for communities to come together to support one another.


Mondays are not our usual day so we were really pleased that 8 of our members from a number of different groups, made the effort to get to us and decorate a foot or a boot and put it onto our map of Jude's walk.

Gaynor and I, as Celf-Able directors, also gave a short interview which was to be put on the Big Walk page, see if you can find it.


It was also lovely to meet the lady from the Lottery who also added her piece of art work too as did Jude and Les and their team.


Thank you so much for involving us in this fun and inspiring day.


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