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Celf. Cyfle. Cynhwysiant.

Art. Opportunity. Inclusion.

Who are we?: Celf-Able is a group run by disabled and disability artists, in Powys.

What do we do?: We provide opportunities for people to get together and do art.  We are open to all, disabled and non-disabled, artists and people who just want to have a go at art.  We share and learn from each other.

What are our aims?: We aim to reduce isolation and raise awareness of disability arts and disability issues.

What services do we offer?:  We offer disability equality training, and training and consultancy on a wide range of issues, using arts activities as a delivery method.  Celf-Able members come from different and varied backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experiences to bring.

"I like doing art very much, I have lots of ideas that really makes me feel Like doing art and experiencing different types of colours and it is good Opportunity , to meet  lots of new friends" Celf-Able member.


Cyfarfodydd nesaf/Next meetings:


Celf-Able is an inclusive art group run by disabled artists in Powys.  We are disabled- and artist-led, but open to all ages and abilities, artists and people who just want to have a go at art.


Meeting dates for the rest of 2018 - Nov 28 Caersws, Dec 5 Siawns Teg, Dec 12 Mach, Dec 18 Llanfair, Dec 19 Christmas do at the Elephant in Newtown, part subsidised, booking essential.


Meetings in 2019 -


Siawns Teg, Newtown (former Radio Maldwyn building) 11-3, 06/03/19


Warren Room, Care Centre Machynlleth 11-3

12/12/2018, 09/01/19, 13/02/19, 13/03/19


The Institute, Llanfair Caereinion 11-3

15/01/19, 19/02/19, 19/03/19


COWSHACC, Welshpool, 11-3

16/01/19, 20/02/19, 20/03/19


Mid-Wales Arts Centre, Caersws 11-3

23/01/19, 27/02/19, 27/03/19

Lunch available for an extra charge, please contact us to book, tel 01938 810058/07972 932543 or e-mail admin@celf-able.org


Oriel Davies, Newtown, 11-3

05/02/19, Art 11-12.30, committee meetings 1.30-3.00



Celf-Able provides opportunities for people to get together and reduce isolation, and celebrate disability culture.  We are an inclusive group open to all.  We meet in Newtown, Llanfair Caereinion, Welshpool, Machynlleth and Mid-Wales Arts Centre, Caersws - see information below.

We greatly enjoyed our horse-drawn canal boat trip and visit to Llangollen.  We are now busy producing work about the trip.  Many thanks Tesco Bags of Help!

We gratefully acknowledge funding from:

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