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This month's blog is from our Voluntary (Un)Co-ordinator Amanda Wells.

What has Celf-Able Done For Me?

I was one of the four founding members of Celf-Able.  We had met on Celf o Gwmpas' Artists Training and Mentoring Project, and over the period of the project had become friends as well as colleagues.  We'd had some adventures together, including trips to Edinburgh, Glasgow and even Finland.  So when the project ended we wanted to carry on meeting and we saw the ArtWorks Cymru Learning Groups information and applied.  We've since had Sharing Together funding from Arts Council of Wales, and have further funding now from Community Fund in Wales and Powys Community Endowment Fund so we're lucky enough to be able to continue meeting.

I somehow fell into the role of voluntary co-ordinator.  My memory is terrible and I'm pathologically disorganised, so the idea of me  co-ordinating anything is rather amusing!  I've learned lots of new skills and I do enjoy the co-ordinating, but sometimes I'd rather just sit and do art.  As an artist, I've tried new activities, including performance.  Like others in the group, I'd not done performance before, but I have to say I did get a 'buzz' out of it.

I really enjoy our meetings as it's good to work with other people working around you, it creates a very creative vibe.  I like to see what other people are doing and share ideas and techniques.  The meetings are also a way to dedicate time to art, otherwise I'm doing art at home and it has to compete for time with all the everyday life stuff.


'I Don't Shine If You Don't Shine'

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