Celf. Cyfle. Cynhwysiant.

Art. Opportunity. Inclusion.

Our performance piece 'The Bird Company'

We are a diverse group of artists from a wide range of different backgrounds.  Some have been to formal art education, some are self-taught.  Some have many years' experience of doing art, others are new to art.  Our art interests are many and varied, we have done painting, performance, sculpting, photography, drawing, printing, and many other activities.  We share our skills, learning from each other and learning together.  Much of the time we make it up as we go along!  We are open to new members, with any type of impairment or none, just get in touch for details - admin@celf-able.org, tel: 01938 810058.

Celf able, I like doing art because it makes me feel calm, I like writing a lot because it really inspires me to express  how I feel, I like art too because it makes me feel free ,then I can tell people that I go to Celf able it is about disabilities, lots of ideas on what you would like to do such as draw, paint, write poems, stories and making collages or whatever you

find you enjoy , it’s very inspiring  and I have learnt a lot about Celf able, people are very friendly and helpful there.

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